Playoff format nba

playoff format nba

There once was a time when every series in the the NBA Playoffs was must-see television. Now, it's the biggest joke in sports. Both the Warriors. The NBA season is finally over. For those of you who can't stand the monotony and the grind of the game regular season (you. How the NBA Playoffs work: playoff seeding, home court advantage, series formats and home-court advantage and more.


How Should the NBA Playoffs Be Structured? Home-court advantage goes to the team with the best record, which isn't always the team with the higher seed. Meanwhile, four runners-up played best-of-three series to determine the other finalist: With the Western Conference significantly stronger than the Eastern Conference, many have called for the NBA to seed the playoffs The most recent example - the Sixers - may deserve an asterisk. Division finals mgm grand com expanded to best-of-seven in and division semifinals to best-of-five in Both winners of the runners-up bracket, Philadelphia in and Baltimore inreached the final series having played fewer tournament games than their final opponents, Chicago in and Philadelphia inhad played in the best-of-7 pairings of division champions.


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